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FSC Healthcare 28, DST

William Dioguardi - CEO
(877) 449-8828 Ext. 7353


FSC Healthcare 28, DST (the “Parent Trust”) is a master-leased DST offering comprised of an investment grade guarantor single tenant. The investment objective of the Parent Trust is to provide monthly cash distributions and provide potential for capital appreciation.

Key Fund Data:
Distribution: 5% Monthly
Management Fee: Deferred**
Audited Financials: Yes
Assets in Fund: 1
Tenant Credit: Baa1 Moody's***
Purchase Cap Rate: 6.25%
Year Built: 2019
Location: Tempe, AZ
Exemption: 506 (c)
UBTI: Possible

Minimum DST: $100,000

Fund Term: 7 Years

Selling Agreements: 21

Fund Report: FactRight

Legal Counsel: Seyfarth

E Sub-Docs: Fillable PDF

Transfer Agent: EQ Trust

Accountant: Grant Thornton

Key Variables: (% Completion)
* The trust received bridge financing from Four Springs Capital Trust Operating Partnership LP in the amount of $9,100,000. The loan accrues interests at 11% per annum until the aggregate accrued interests equals $251,640. Then the interest rate will drop to 5% per annum. 
The collateral on the bridge loan is the unsold interests help by the depositor and income derived from them. 

** Trust management fee of $10,000 annually will be deferred for the first 2 years and paid upon the disposition of the property

**Payment guaranteed by parent subsidiary Baxalta LLC.
Fund Capital Raise:
Fund Fees:



This communication and the Memorandum contain statements about operating and financial plans, terms and performance
of the respective Properties ( the Properties) and other projections of future results. Forward-looking statements may be
identified by the use of words such as “expects,” “anticipates,” “intends,” “plans,” “will,” “may,” “project” and similar expressions.
The “forward-looking” statements are based on various assumptions that may prove to be incorrect and might not accurately
predict future events or the actual performance of an investment. For more information about forward looking statements, see
the section of the Memorandum entitled “A Warning About Forward Looking Statements.”

The Memorandum contains more complete information regarding the investment and should be read in its entirety and the
discussion under the section entitled “Risk Factors” should be carefully considered. The risks involved with an investment in the
Interests include, but are not limited to:

• An investment in the Interests is speculative, illiquid and involves a high degree of risk. There is no guarantee that
Investors will receive any return.
• No public market exists for the Interests, and it is highly unlikely that any such market will develop.
• There are substantial restrictions on transfers of the Interests.
• The Interests are not registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission or any state securities commissions.
• There is no specified time that the Properties will be liquidated and the Parent Trust may not be able to sell the Properties
at a price equal to or greater than the purchase price paid for the Interests.
• Delaware statutory trusts are a relatively new vehicle for real estate investment and are inflexible vehicles to own real
• Investors will have no voting rights and will have no control over management of the Parent Trust or the Properties.
• The Parent Trust and Parent Trust Manager have limited duties to Investors and limited powers.
• If the Properties are transferred (or the Parent Trust is converted) to the Springing LLC, Investors will likely lose their
ability to participate in a future Section 1031 Exchange with respect to the transferred Properties.
• The Properties are subject to the risks generally associated with the ownership and operation of real estate including,
without limitation, environmental concerns, competition, occupancy, unanticipated capital expenditures, maintenance
costs or expenses, uninsured losses, easements and restrictions, and other real estate-related risks.
• The Sponsor and its affiliates will receive substantial compensation in connection with the Offering and in connection
with the ongoing management and operation of the Properties and may be subject to conflicts of interest.
• An investment in the Interests involves certain tax risks.
• The Parent Trust is not providing any prospective Investor with separate legal, accounting or business advice or
• Public health risk may affect the business performance of the Tenants.
• There is no guarantee that Investors will receive any return.
• Investors may lose some or all of their invested principal.

Investors must read this Memorandum in its entirety prior to investing, including information related to certain risk factors,
including but not limited to, the investment, liquidity, real estate, financing, taxes, development, legal, and the company
sponsoring the Offering. Any future results may differ significantly from those described herein. Prospective investors should
not construe the contents of this Memorandum or any prior or subsequent communication by the Managing Broker-Dealer
or Sponsor, as an investment recommendation or legal, tax, accounting, financial or other advice. Investors should consult a
legal or tax advisor for information concerning their specific tax situations. Subject to certain regulatory requirements, the
information contained herein is confidential, and only for the use of its intended recipient(s).
There can be no assurance that the objectives stated herein will be achieved.

This is neither an offer to sell, nor a solicitation to buy, a security, which can be made only by the prospective Investors if it is preceded or accompanied by the Memorandum, which contains various and important risk disclosures. This material does not purport to be complete and should be read in conjunction with the Memorandum. All potential Investors must read the Memorandum, and no person may invest without acknowledging that they have received, read, and fully understand the Memorandum.

Public health concerns related to any outbreak of an infectious disease such as severe acute respiratory syndrome, avian flu, H1N1/09 flu and COVID-19 or any other serious public health concern (in each case, a “Pandemic”), could have a negative impact on the economy and the business activities in which the Trust may engage. A Pandemic could have a continued adverse impact on economic and market conditions and trigger a period of global economic slowdown. Based on the economic climate, it may be even more difficult to predict the economic performance of a
purchaser’s participation in the Offering.

Securities offered through Third Seven Capital LLC Member FINRA/SIPC. Four Springs Capital Markets, Four Springs Ten31 Xchange, Four Springs Capital Trust and Third Seven Capital LLC are not affiliated.

Four Springs Capital Markets, Four Springs Ten31 Xchange, Four Springs Capital Trust and Alts Fund LINK, LLC are not affiliated.

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